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KEEP AWAY! Labels (2.5 x 3)
 25/Pack Water-Resistant Labels

Place on foods that contain allergens such as peanut butter products, milk cartons, egg cartons, etc.

*Waterproof Vinyl, great for placing on reusable/washable items. Although waterproof, hand-washing is recommended. Not recommended for dishwashers or submerging in water.

Use at home, school, day care, grandparent's house, birthday parties and more! Personalize labels by writing child's name(s) or allergens in the chef's hat with a fine point permanent marker, which is recommended for places with multiple children with food allergies.

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    Important! Labels are only an AID in differentiating safe/unsafe foods. Before using the labels, children must be aware of their food allergies and understand the importance of reading labels. FOOD INGREDIENTS MUST BE PROPERLY READ TO ENSURE SAFETY.
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