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About US


Trac-it Light strives to keep families safe from food allergy cross-contamination.  With many children, all it takes is a small dot of a food allergen to cause a severe reaction, whether it's by mouth, air or skin contact. 


The Trac-it Light system is recommended for use by responsible adults and children 3 and over.  Before using this system, children should be aware of their food allergies and understand that the labels/food storage is only an aid in differentiating their foods from other foods.  Parents shouldn't rely only on the labeling system, they should continue to monitor their children's food and continue to communicate with their children, stressing the importance of making sure what they eat is indeed safe. 


When designing and choosing our products, we love to include the insight of children with food allergies, whether it's by verbal communication or by observing their facial expressions.  It gives us great joy to know that we are bringing safety and smiles to families, and that we are making their struggles less challenging.  Trac-it Light's goal is to teach children to make the best of their situation.  Our favorite saying is, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (allergy free, of course)!"

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